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Why the price of engraving and milling machine engraving machine so much more expensive than!
Publishers:admin Time:2012/7/23 16:25:01 Reading:1324Times

People intuitively feel are small format is carving machines, large format is engraving and milling machine, or carving machine, milling machine, or simply referred to as large engraving machine. In fact, they are two kinds of different structure for the machine, but the working principle is roughly the same, it consists of X, Y, Z three axis drive, controlled by an electronic controller of mobile.From the use of points: engraving machine is mainly used to the plate engraving, applied to a large number of double color plate or acrylic sculpture, carving a feed depth of about 1mm and about 3mm, logo, signs are widely used. From the mechanical construction, carving machine with compact design, X, Y axis moving speed, the Z axis short trip, suitable for carving5mm8mm materials. Engraving spindle head is provided with spring pressing nose, is carved in pressure below 3mm sheet. Engraving spindle through a belt is connected to the larger diameter of the motor, so that the speed is increased, it carved out of the workpiece quality is relatively smooth. The use of engraving tool long, length of about 15.9cm, the diameter is about 4.35mm. Due to the design constraints, it is suitable for cutting small high speed carving.Engraving and milling machine can be understood as can be used as the fine carving, cutting, milling and can do. For example, three-dimensional sculpture, although the gap, but200mm wide materials can be completed in one time, a considerable amount of feed. Engraving and milling machine can be used in cutting tool diameter size from 1mm16mm, the tool length is 50~80mm. We can be used flexibly, with fine knife dry slowly, with knife coarse dry live. As the machine design focus on heavy load, large steel frame, the Z axis of large stroke, thus can not only do the engraving machine technology, more high speed cutting of thick plates, a feed rate can reach 20mm30mm, this is the engraving machine was unable to processEngraving machine: it is suitable for small spindle high speed cutting tool, the torque is relatively small, focused on the" carving" function, such as wood ( specialized processing board called wood carving machine ), double color boards, board and other hardness high sheet, not suitable for strong cutting of large workpiece. At present the most under the banner of engraving machine banner products are for processing products, due to low cost, high precision, is not suitable for mold development; but there are exceptions such as wafer engraving machine. Engraving and milling machine: as the name suggests. Can be carved, or milling, engraving machine based on increased spindle, servo motor power, bed load, while maintaining the spindle speed, more important is the accuracy is high. Engraving and milling machine to the high speed development, commonly referred to as the high-speed machines, cutting ability, the processing precision is very high, can also direct the processing hardness above HRC60material, a molding.

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