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China's machine tool industry in strategic transition
Publishers:admin Time:2012/7/23 16:23:23 Reading:1120Times

" The next 30 years will be the Chinese machine tool industry" by become strong greatly "crucial period, during the period of China will be formed to high-grade machine tool as the representative, with high-end equipment manufacturing industry as the dominant, a variety of advanced manufacturing industry with mutually supporting industry new structure." As the Information Research Institute of machinery industry of major equipment information center director, Ishi Yong has been paying close attention to the development of Chinese machine tool industry, he believes that China's machine tool industry has entered a critical period of strategic transition. China's machine tool industry in strategic transition to research and analysis, there are a lot of things, woodworking machine tool industry has developed rapidly, but also the national economy development important symbol, of course, the reasons are many.


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